Camping is always fun but for those times when you really want (or need) to be able to get deeper into the backcountry, standard car camping gear just won’t work well. Hauling old style gear over trails like the Rubicon or across the Baja is fine but you still have to set up camp each night. If your vehicle can take the abuse of the overlanding then why not a camp trailer that could set up instantly when you are at your most tired? Shouldn’t you be able to have great gear, a comfortable camp, easy setup and great scenery too?


With the Rubicon trail in our backyard we felt this was the perfect place to start researching. We started out by looking at traditional trailer designs here in the US and compared them to materials and methods in Europe and Australia. By combining the best of these methods we found that we can produce a trailer that is durable and still lightweight enough for most off-road vehicles to tow. All FORT camp trailers are designed with three key points in mind:

  1. RUGGED – Our first priority was that our camp trailers have to be durable enough to withstand the punishment of off-road trails. Whether it is rock packed mountains, soggy muck, or rugged desert we want our users to be able to go anywhere… and get back . We feel so strongly about this that it’s in our name – we want our trailers to be Found On Real Trails.
  2. CONVENIENT – If you spend all your time setting up and breaking down, then you are missing out on fun. Our trailers are designed to be fast and easy to use whether you are out on the trail or in campground. Let’s face it, sometimes you are pulling in late or in bad weather and a quick setup can make a BIG difference.
  3. SMART – We agonized over how to best maximize the space while still adhering to our other two goals. In the end, for the size of our unit we provide more features, usable workspace and storage than our competitors. Pack it up, and have some fun.


A standard ball hitch works well on the road but it is designed for linear towing not the crazy dynamic angles of off-road travel. The articulating coupler we use has been tried and proven in tortuous conditions worldwide. It allows the tow vehicle and trailer to be at different pitches and elevations without causing undue stress to the connection.


The next critical point is the suspension and standard axles with leaf springs get abused when the angles are tight and the pitches sharp. By using an independent suspension system we improved the ground clearance and the ability for the trailer to absorb the punishment of deep ruts and rocks that feel like boulders. Your carbonated drinks might be a bit fizzy at camp but the FORT will get them there.


Our trailers are designed to be setup quickly and provide you with a great camping experience with minimal setup time. The idea is that the fun is in enjoying the area, not in the set up and breakdown of the camp. While we don’t include feather beds, we do provide solar power, lights, shower, and smart storage areas that provide quick access and adequate space for your camp gear. Most importantly, the innovative kitchen design is one we think leads the class in usable space underneath the included awning. If anyone mentions “glamping”, just let them have a look at the trail you drove in on.

FORT Campers are rugged, spacious and full of included features that will help you discover new backcountry adventures. Build your FORT today.