FORT Campers are built to withstand rugged terrain, but we can’t predict what our customers will encounter or attempt to tackle. Let’s face it, no off-road vehicle is impervious to trail damage. However, we know what it is like in the backcountry and we handcraft each FORT Camper Trailer with those challenges in mind. We are confident that your FORT will get you there and back.

We at FORT Campers offer a 1 year manufacturer warranty on the units we manufacture. However, the warranty is not without its
limits. Proper maintenance and care are required from the consumer to ensure the longest life of the unit. Failure
to properly operate and maintain the unit may lead to issues that are not covered under this warranty. Refer to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule and/or procedures.

So before you try anything that will make you go super-viral on video channels please check the warranty you received on purchase or request a copy of the warranty from FORT Customer Support.