The F-6 is designed to be a rugged go-anywhere camp trailer that is still light enough to maneuver in tight spaces and behind a wide variety of tow vehicles (Jeeps, trucks, crawlers, etc). Once you have picked your camp spot, the F-6 deploys quickly and easily to provide you with everything you need for some backcountry fun. The design is based on our decades of experience in the backcountry and we have put our love for wilderness camping into the details.

F-6 tent trailer kitchen area
FORT F-6 roof top tent trailer


Our trailers are designed to provide you with a great camping experience with minimal setup time. We think your starting point should include everything you need for a great camp so we include the following features as standard and you can upgrade from here:

  • Articulating hitch (Cruisemaster DO-35)
  • Timbren axleless independent suspension
  • 16 inch ground clearance, and 40+ degree departure angle
  • Power cluster with USB and power ports
  • Victron 220 Ah AGM batteries, 1200w pure sine wave inverter
  • Solar panel 200w, and solar charge controller
  • Water port with shower hose and nozzle
  • Dedicated kitchen area with pantry, sink and stove
  • Counter area with LED work light
  • Interior weatherproof storage slide outs
  • 46 inch slide-out storage drawer  (also for refrigerator option)
  • 42 gallons of water storage
  • 270 degree quick deploy awning covers rear, kitchen and prep area
  • Roof top racks to support your selected tent platform option
  • Over 50 cf total storage
  • Exterior LED lights
  • Length 150″, Width 75″, Height 58″, GVWR 3500 lbs
How to order your new F-6



The rooftop tent is a great space saver and provides a cozy home with a view up and away from any creepy crawlies. However, we realize that not everyone needs a rooftop tent, maybe they have a ground tent already and want to use the trailer top to haul kayaks, or mountain bikes. Awesome plan! So we decided that a tent made for a really good option. We offer a few choices and your FORT Representative can go over the details and the best fit for your needs when we confirm your order.

OPTION COST: $1,200 TO $2,200

The standard drawer is designed with heavy duty slides to handle the weight of a refrigerator plus storage. We realize that some may not want or need a full refrigerator and this option allows you to use your existing cooler. However, if you want the super awesome Dometic refrigerator with cooling and freezer zones we have that in a few options. Your FORT representative will discuss the best fit for your needs when we confirm your order.

OPTION COST: $700 TO $1,200

If you want to take your FORT camp trailer to the next level, adding the 6 gallon water heater is a great way to go from our standard “styling” to pretty near “glamping”. A hot shower in the backcountry is just pure luxury. Awesome awesome luxury. Go on, you deserve awesome.


We recognize that whether you are at a campground or in the remote backcountry you may need some power. We include an inverter and solar panel as standard features but for those who need access to even more power we offer an upgrade to a 2000w inverter. As with all options and upgrades, your FORT rep will discuss this with you at order confirmation.


Whether you want to match your trailer to your tow vehicle or if you simply have to have it in your favorite color, we got your option. We can match your trailer exterior to most colors, or get very close. Your FORT representative can discuss this with you during order confirmation.

UPGRADE COST: $500 (may also require additional deposit since color matching increases production time)